Expats have the best chance for success abroad when they have prepared all the resources they may need in advance of the move. Not all of these resources are as obvious as one may expect; for example, expats may easily overlook the importance of keeping the phone number of the local embassy of their home country handy, but should you find yourself in trouble with the law or simply in need of an English speaking doctor, this can be an invaluable resource.


Embassies can provide a variety of resources for expats, not limited to the types of help mentioned above. Should you need more information about the country in general, assistance in locating schools or navigating the housing market, or even need assistance during an emergency, such as finding help with the police during a major accident or if your passport is stolen, your local embassy can stand by you and provide you with backing from your own country.


Getting in touch with local clubs and associations before the move can also be a lifesaver, especially if you will be moving to a country without many friends or family around. ExpatFinder has a list of clubs and groups sorted by country to make the process easy, you can find groups specific to your interests, such as local book clubs or cycling clubs, as well as nationality specific groups, such as associations for Americans or Englanders abroad. By getting in touch with these groups of people before the move, by the time you arrive you can already have a support network in place to offset any culture shock. is an expat’s main resource when hunting for embassy information and lists of clubs and associations abroad. Not only can you access all the information you will need to get in touch with those who can offer help or just a friendly hand, you can also use our direct messaging system to contact embassy representatives or other club members directly. With these types of support services offered at you never have to feel alone, no matter if you are moving with your entire family or by yourself.

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