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We know expatriates are those who have chosen to live permanently in a foreign land, but we don't have to be like them to know what lives they lead. Typically, these are people who have achieved financial independence and can, thus, afford to start a convenient life abroad. But we also know that having to adjust to everything new - from doing a simple handshake to making a stock market investment - is far from easy. Fortunately, there are expat community groups where members inspire and empower each other and help make their lives more comfortable for each other. If you are an expat looking for expat community groups you might join, let our expert partners guide you. Get a quote.Living in another country can be more fun and rewarding when you have a support group to count on. Whether for business or personal reasons, Clubs & Associations can help you achieve the quality of life you want. From business networking to recreation, you can have more enriching and memorable experiences with the support Clubs & Associations and other expat groups and associations could provide. Locate a group near you, browse a large selection of expat association, business networks and more.

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