Essential Employment Paperwork in Dominican Republic



Expats may be pleased to know that the Dominican Republic does not have any restrictions about companies hiring foreign nationals – as long as 80% of the company’s labour force are Dominicans.

The government does not require any form of work permit for foreigners. However, aspiring expats should obtain a visa from the Dominican Embassy in their home country or from the nearest country that has a Consulate. Keep in mind that foreign nationals are not allowed to stay in the Dominican Republic for two months in a row, and should be prepared at all times to show a proof of return ticket to leave the country. The short-stay visa is classified into three and can be easily renewed by going to the Dirección General de Migración (Deparment of Immigration) in Santo Domingo.

Visa de Trabajo or Work Visa

The work visa allows an expat to engage in gainful employment in the Dominican Republic for no more than 60 days. During the application, one must be able to present a certification from the Ministerio de Trabajo (Ministry of Labour). The certificate should attest that the employer is registered under the Integrated System of Labour Registration and should have an approval of a work contract that has duration period of less than one year. It takes about 10 to 15 days to process a work visa and some of the other requirements for application are:

  • Passport with at least six month validity
  • Birth certificate with photocopy
  • Medical Certificate (notarised, translated to Spanish and Apostilled)
  • Work Contract and Certificate
  • Five passport-sized photos
  • Police Certificate and original criminal record certificate (notarised, translated to Spanish and Apostilled)

Visa de Negocios or Business Visa

The business visa is normally granted for professional, business or commercial purposes. Expats who will apply for this paperwork are advised to choose the business visa with multiple entries which is valid for one year and costs around USD 125 instead of the single-entry (valid for 60 days) that is about USD 115. In other words, just by adding USD 10, a foreign assignee will be eligible to leave and return in the Dominican Republic whenever they deem necessary. Below is the list of required documents for the business visa:

  • Original Passport with a validity period of at least the duration of the visa
  • Criminal Record Certificate
  • Visa application letter addressed to the Consular section containing the name of the company or institution for which the expat works for along with the applicant’s name, place of residence, nationality and occupation
  • Completed Application Form

Visa de Negocios con Fines Laborales or Business Visa for Employment Purposes

This type of visa is for expats whose nature of work requires them to remain in the Dominican Republic for 12 months without the need to leave. The business visa for employment purposes is granted to foreign nationals that are under fixed-term contracts in either a public or private company headquartered locally. It can be renewed for another one year as long as the holder’s employment contract is still in effect. Expats who has this visa are eligible to open a bank account or apply for a driver’s license in the Dominican Republic.

  • Passport valid for at least the duration of the visa
  • Medical Certificate
  • Criminal Record Certificate
  • Resolution from the Dominican Ministry of Labour that legitimises the expatriate’s employment contract. It should also specify the employee’s position, salary and length of work contract in the Dominican Republic.
  • Visa application letter