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Ecuador is a country which extends across the equator on the west coast of South America. It is a budget friendly country for expats who are planning to relocate abroad either alone or with their family. Here, you will find yourself living close to the vast Amazon Jungle and Galapagos Island where different species of wildlife can be seen. So if you are already decided to move to Ecuador and experience its fascinating culture and incredible ethnic diversity, here are some helpful guides to get you started.


You can browse through online portals for real estate properties in Ecuador. Another way is to go around the city once you arrived and look for signs outside buildings and houses. There are also local realtors whom you can call to help you find the best choices in towns and cities. Always be clear when it comes to your budget and needs so they can narrow down your options and make the search easier.

Make sure to ask right away if the utilities are already part of your monthly rent. If not, the average cost of essential services like water, electricity and gas in the city is around €30 per month. Your internet connection with a speed of 10mbps is around €35 monthly and a minute of local prepaid mobile call is €0.15.

House and Apartment Hunting

There are two types of rental agreement that you can choose from: Short term and long term. If you are only going to stay for a short period or don’t want to commit to the hassle and expenses of paying the mortgage, you can find many rental options in Ecuador.

The most popular residential area for expats is in Quito, the country’s capital. It has all kinds of services that will meet your everyday needs and is located near corporate offices. A one bedroom apartment in Quito is around €400 while a three bedroom apartment is roughly €700 per month.

Another city where you can find most expats living is in Guayaquil, the largest town in Ecuador. It is situated on the west edge of Guayas River and is the commercial heart of the country. Several high-rise buildings are ready for occupancy in Guayaquil. An apartment with one bedroom is around €300 per month and €500 for a three bedroom unit.

International and Local Schools

In most parts of Ecuador, education is taught in Spanish. You should also know that schools are free only up until the age 14 where education is compulsory. The best option for you is to enrol your child in a private international school like The British School and The American School of Quito where the curriculum is more expat friendly.

There also many prominent local schools that provides quality education like the State Polytechnic University of Carchi (UPEC) and the Colegio San Gabriel, Quito .

Moving Your Belongings

Many shipping and removal companies can help you in bringing your belongings to Ecuador. The average shipping time to Ecuador is usually 3-4 weeks which might still vary depending on your country of origin. Containers will arrive in Puerto Maritimo, the country’s largest port and once the cargos are unloaded and cleared by customs, it will take another 1-2 weeks for your packages to be delivered to your new home.

If you are entering from an EU country and is planning to bring a cat, dog or ferret, make sure that their Pet Passport is updated. Another document that you need to secure (coming from EU or non-EU state) is an International Health Certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian ten days prior its departure.

Transportation in and around the country is considerably good. But if you still want to bring your car with you, make sure that it is not less than five years old and has the latest emission standards. Other documents that you must bring for customs purposes are:

  • Valid driver’s license
  • Original Bill of Sale
  • Owner’s Passport

Ecuador is a place where you can live on a budget without missing out on many exciting leisure activities. You will be surprised that this beautiful Spanish country has a balance of both which is a bit rare to find. So for now, relax and get ready to experience the Costeño way of life!



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