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Ecuador has a total labor force of 6.779 million. Half of the country’s population is employed in the Services sector, accounting for 53.6%, followed by the agriculture industry at 27.6% and industry at 18.8%. Foreign nationals hoping to find a job in Ecuador can try their luck in the English-teaching sector as this has one of the highest demands for employees at the moment. Translators with proven fluency in Spanish are also in demand. Some of the other jobs where foreign nationals can apply for are sports teacher, tourist guide, and jobs that require employees to speak in English for foreign clients such as bartenders, cashiers, or waiter/waitress in bars.

Since the official language of Ecuador is Spanish, expats will need to have a good working knowledge of the language, as this is the medium of communication in most Ecuadorian businesses on a daily basis. There are only a handful of companies in Ecuador that use English as their language at work, mostly multinational companies or major businesses operating in the tourism sector.

Minimum Wage/Salary

The current minimum wage in Ecuador is $135 a month, and $318 (gross) per month for private-sector employees. This was hiked by Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa in 2012. 

Working Conditions

The standard work week in Ecuador is eight hours a day or forty hours per week. Major businesses, offices and establishments start work at 8:30AM and end the day at 4:30PM. However, this still varies depending on the type of job and industry an employee is working at. All workers are entitled to 9 public holidays, 15 days of paid vacation yearly, Christmas bonus, school bonus, and profit sharing.

Income Tax

The income tax system in Ecuador is based on a progressive scale. It starts at 5% and can go as high as 35%. For tax purposes, an individual is considered a resident in Ecuador if they have stayed in the country for more than half of the tax year. Meanwhile, non-residents are subject to taxes only on their Ecuador-sourced income.


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