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Although Egypt features several historical and cultural attractions that are sure to impress visitors from all over the world, expats are advised to take caution when travelling to the country due to the political instability that is affecting the daily lives of both Egyptians and expatriates.

The majority of expats working in Egypt are based in Cairo, the capital city, the heart of the Egyptian economy. However, Cairo has experienced an increase of terrorist attacks by Islamic militants that are aiming to fight back on the crackdown of the Muslim Brotherhood. Although expat job opportunities have dropped outside the capital, a growing number of foreigners continue to work on the city outskirts of Luxor, Alexandria or Red and the Mediterranean Sea resorts. Egypt may be a challenge to foreign investors at the moment, as the country is not safe due to the military presence and dangerous terrorists attacks.

Expats who do want to work in the country are likely to find career opportunities in the petroleum export sector, media business and emerging IT industry, which is mainly dominated by big companies like Intel and Microsoft. The most viable job is for English teachers with proper certifications that can earn a spot in private schools and English language schools across the country. Multinational corporations also seek for teachers to train their employees. Teachers with knowledge of Arabic will also have an advantage. Having a background in journalism or writing will give expats a career boost in landing a job in the country's publication companies. However, writers and copy editors mostly render long working hours.

 In terms of compensation, it is said that expats who get hired from overseas to work in Egypt get a higher compensation with an average of 8.472 EGP in Euros, pounds or dollars. On the other hand, expat employees who are hired in Egypt are paid less and in the local currency. Egyptian business etiquette gives much importance to courtesy and hospitality. Egypt is a status-conscious society. When doing business with Egyptians, remember to address them by their title followed by the surname. Expats living in Egypt will find that the job market operates by word of mouth. Personal connections and networking are important.

At present, working in Egypt can be a challenge as the country is experiencing an unstable government and political situation. Most local governments have issues travel warnings and advice that aim to inform travelers to be cautious when visiting Egypt, particularly when it comes to the Siwa Oasis or any of the desert areas in the western part of the country.


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