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Overseas shipping is rather expensive, especially in Cairo. Often, expats find it cheaper to buy new items in Egypt than to ship items. Import taxes can be as high at 35- 55% depending on the worth of the item. However, expats will find that shipping to Cairo may come with various risks involving explosions, terrorism and kidnappings. This is due to the current state that the country is going through, where Egyptians are protesting and rioting in the streets.

Despite the risks in Egypt, expats who want to relocate will find that there are a number of movers in Egypt that offer competitive prices; however, it is recommended to get quotes from at least two removal companies to get the best deal.Be prepared to pay a higher tax for electronic items. Bring along power adapter as Egypt uses 220 volts and the plugs are two-rounded prong.

Due to its hot and humid weather, sun protection essentials like sun block must be handy at all times, especially when going outdoors. Aside from the comfortable clothing needed for summer, bring a sweater, jacket, or coat for the winter season in Egypt.Egyptian customs are very strict in importation and exportation of firearms, religious materials, antiquities, medications, business equipment, currency, and ivory. Remember, Egyptians are primarily Muslims; it is prohibited to import pornographic materials and any anti-Islamic religious materials. 

 Expats need to have a work visa/permit from Egyptian authorities at least three months and prior to the arrival of the shipment in Egypt. When relocating to Egypt, all shipments are subject to 100% inspection. Importing household goods and personal effects in Egypt are dutiable except for expatriates employed in the government sector and in the private sector. A Letter of Guarantee is needed to approve all removals to Egypt that states shipments will be re-exported back to the exporter's home country. Given that Egypt is experiencing a political uprising that is fraught with riots, bombings and other dangers, most governments have issued warnings against visiting or relocating to the country.  

While expats don’t have to worry about forgetting any particular item in their shipment, given the current state of the country, it would be wise for expats to exercise a high degree of caution when moving items from their home country to Egypt.


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