Health Insurance in Egypt

The government of Egypt has just recently implemented a universal health care law that will cater to its citizens, especially the underprivileged. However, this law is not yet universal, and expats in the country are not qualified to have this public health insurance. It is therefore recommended that before moving to Egypt, foreign nationals must obtain their own health insurance. Ranked at 63rd by the World Health Organization when it comes to healthcare systems, Egypt’s public healthcare standard is quite low. The country is going through some challenges brought about by the Arab Spring, and expats may find it difficult to have their healthcare needs tended to. With that in mind, it is advised that expats seek medical services from private healthcare institutions in the country.

Cigna Global International Health Insurance is a world renowned medical insurance provider that offers comprehensive medical insurance packages for expats in Egypt. Cigna can guarantee quality customer care and the most flexible plans and packages that can be adapted to your expat lifestyle anywhere.

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Aetna International Health Insurance provides benefits perfect for anyone living abroad, whether you’d be relocating with your family, or on your own. Consult an Aetna expert now to plan your stay abroad and learn more about their services such as:

- Annual maximum coverage to $2 million

- International Style Coverage

- Additional excess and coinsurance add-ons

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