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Though considered to be a small country, El Salvador is rapidly making its name as a destination for expats who want to relocate to Central America. Here, you will find yourself surrounded by pristine Pacific beaches, majestic landscapes and vast coffee farms. Aside from its undoubtedly beautiful geography, Salvadorans pride themselves in having just the perfect blend of Native American and European Spanish influences, one of the many things that will ignite your interest to their rich culture. So if you’re all decided to take a leap abroad in this tiny yet resilient country, here are some of the essential reminders that will help you on your new journey.


There are several ways for you to search for a house/apartment in El Salvador. You can start browsing through online portals or check local newspapers listings. Another way, which is more convenient, is to contact professional Realtors in El Salvador to help you find the best housing options based on your budget and needs.

Unless the landlord tells you specifically, it's better to prepare a separate budget for utilities. The average monthly cost for necessities (water, gas, electricity) in the city is €60. Internet connection is around €40 per month while a minute of local prepaid call is €0.15.

House and Apartment Hunting

You will see two common types of material used to build houses in urban areas: bricks and cement. In most parts of the city, you will find huge numbers of “Casa de pasaje” or alleyways where houses or units usually have 1-2 bedrooms, a living room, bathroom and a small kitchen. As you move closer to the metropolitan, you will find apartments and several townhouses.

The first city that you can consider is San Salvador, the capital of the country. Living here offers great convenience since you are in the centre of El Salvador’s business hub, malls, major supermarkets and several international schools. The average cost of a one-bedroom apartment here starts at €200 per month while a three-bedroom unit starts at €400.

Another option for you is the city of Puerto De La Libertad, one of El Salvador’s leading tourist destinations. It has perfect coastlines, beaches and the best surfing spots in the country. Despite its constant visitors from all over the world, Puerto De La Libertad still maintains its clean environment and simple ways of life. The average rental cost for a one bedroom apartment starts at €100, and a three bedroom unit starts at €400.

International and Local Schools

The education is free and compulsory for up to 9th grade or 14 years old. El Salvador’s public schools are considered to be behind when it comes to their curriculum and educational system.However, there are several international schools like the International School of San Salvador and the Colegio La Floresta that have high standard in English education and top facilities.

You can also check some of the country’s well established local schools like the Universidad de El Salvador and the Universidad Centroamericana "José Simeón Cañas" (UCA) .

Moving Your Belongings

Once you have established where to live, next thing to do is to go through your belongings and carefully decide which ones to bring. Some prefer to do the moving process by themselves, but there are many shipping and removal companies that you can call to help you in bringing your stuff to El Salvador. The average shipping time by ocean typically takes 25 to 45 days which will still vary depending on your country of origin. The Acajutla Port is the principal seaport in El Salvador and where a majority of containers arrive for inspection by local customs officers.

Before bringing your pet to El Salvador, make sure that it has a rabies vaccination given between 30 days and 12 months before the travel. Cats should have a panleukopenia vaccination not less than one month and not more than six months before arrival. You also need to secure a Veterinarian Health Certificate issued by a licensed veterinary from your country of origin. No birds are allowed to for import to El Salvador.

Transportation in the country is quite acceptable. Most of the roads are paved and in good condition, though the traffic laws are not being strictly implemented. If you want to bring your vehicle to El Salvador, you need to take it to the pier at least 72 hours before shipping for initial customs inspection. The original car title is also required, and you have to be there personally to pick up your vehicle in the port once it arrives or else, customs will not allow your car for entry.

El Salvador is a hidden treasure in Central America waiting for you to explore. It’s cultural variety, and welcoming locals are sure to quickly make you feel a part of their colourful community.



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