QROPS in Estonia

British nationals with UK pension who are currently living in Estonia or are planning to retire in Estonia should consider a QROPS transfer. While Estonia does not have QROPS funds at the moment, it is recommended to move one’s UK pension to a QROPS in a neutral jurisdiction like Isle of Man or Guernsey.

Windsor Pensions, a UK-based consultancy, helps expats in Estonia transfer their pensions to Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS). QROPS offers various benefits including investment flexibility, tax avoidance (on UK death tax) and early retirement. Expats are not obliged to buy an annuity. Windsor is affiliated with several EU-based QROPS that boost expats’ pensions.

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The Horizon International Pension Plan is competitively priced with flexible QROPS solution structured to impart to you our highly beneficial pension plan that is readily made available in Estonia. It is one of the most sought after service as the policy has been carefully analyzed and determined to help the client maximize the benefits that it features. Its uniqueness has been constructed to fit the client’s needs to ensure world standard benefits.

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Gerrards rejects the commonly used strategy of a one size fits all solution in Estonia and constructively leans towards a uniquely structured method that is patterned exclusively for the individual's concern. The goal is to provide genuine value and care to our clients through a more personalized method of approach as results have shown more beneficial gains.

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