Last updated 1 August 2016

How to Get the Best Out of Your Quotes from International Movers


When you are choosing an international mover, price is just one factor to compare. Balance the costs with services and the experience when shipping to your destination country.

Getting a Quote 

It is a good idea to obtain three to five quotes from different reputable companies which can service both your home location and destination. Remember that the more detail you supply, the more accurate your quote will be.

Prepare an inventory of the items you want to ship to help you complete a quote request more accurately. The volume of your shipment will be the major cost factor; the international movers use this to calculate the number of vehicles and staff they will need for the assignment.

Additional Moving Services 

Many people look for services on top of the traditional move itself. The movers also need to know about any additional services you require. Clearly indicate your detailed wishes on the quote form.  
Think about who will do the packing. Note that your mover's insurance policy may not cover delicate or expensive items that you have packed yourself, and custom regulations in some countries require an inventory and certified documents from an international moving company to clear your shipment through customs.
Consider if you want the international movers to supply the packing material for you; items like boxes, wardrobe boxes, packing tape, protective wrapping and labels.
Large furniture needs to be disassembled; do you want the movers to do this or are you going to take beds and wardrobes apart yourself? Ovens, washing machines and fridges need to be disconnected; is this something you plan to do, or do you want disconnections to be a part of the moving package? 
Specify on the quote if you require speciality removals for items like pianos, hot tubs, art, wine collections or sensitive equipment. Mention particularly heavy items you want shipped on your quote request too. The international movers may have to engage a third party for specialist items, so provide as much detail as possible to help them make an accurate cost calculation. 
Detail any anticipated storage requirements on a quote request. This is relevant if you know your shipment will arrive overseas before you do, or you face housing issues in your new location.
Include the insurance cover you desire. This should be based on the value of your shipment, and consider carefully if there are items of particular value that need additional cover like antiques or works of art.

Relevant Information for the Move  

In addition to the services you require, the company will also need any pertinent information relating to the logistics of the move to provide you with an accurate quote.  
Think not only about the property you are leaving, but also about your new home overseas. If your stairs are particularly narrow, or you live in a high apartment block, the movers may need to transport items through windows with special lifting equipment.
If the road you live on is too small for a large truck to pass through, the movers may need to employ a shuttle service, whereby smaller vans transport items to a larger vehicle parked at the end of the road. Similarly, if parking is only available some distance from your lodgings then the movers need to factor in this additional distance to the time and labour needed for loading. Nonstandard logistics will undoubtedly add money to your final removals bill.


Before you commit to the services of a removal company, make sure they have visited you at home to see your requirements first hand. Furthermore, ask that the estimate include written confirmation of the expected delivery day at your new home overseas.
Whilst most of the hard work is done for you when it comes to shipping your belongings internationally, it is best to thoroughly plan and prepare the move well in advance yourself - giving plenty of notice to an international mover could save you money too.

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