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Interview with Chontelle Bonfiglio – Senior Consultant at Nanny & Butler



ExpatFinder had the chance to talk to Chontelle Bonfiglio, a Senior Consultant and Head of the Overseas Team at Nanny & Butler. She has been with the company for over three years. With a background in social science, childcare and teaching, Chontelle herself has previously worked as a nanny and governess for families around the world. Nanny & Butler takes care of a wide range of childcare and household staffing needs; maternity nurses, governesses, nannies, butlers, chauffeurs, personal assistant, chefs, educators – you name it. Their clients include celebrities, royalties and other high-fliers. In the Q&A below, Chontelle explained how the requirements differ with expats around the world and the rigorous process that the company goes through to find the right fit.

Company: Nanny & Butler

Category: Domestic staff search

Established since: 2007

Geographical coverage: Italy, London



Q: What inspired the establishment of Nanny & Butler?

A: Paola Diana founded Nanny and Butler after working within the nanny and domestic staff industry for over 10 years. She identified a gap in the family household market for a professional agency who could provide professional nanny services and domestic staff to clients around the world.

Paola is passionate about helping families find the right staff for their family. Her passion for the business and understanding of the customer’s needs means Nanny & Butler provides a truly bespoke service that takes into account each person’s specific requirements, providing carefully matched staff to families including royal families, high net worth individuals, high profile families and celebrities.

Q: What are the different services provided by Nanny & Butler?

A: Nanny & Butler is able to provide a range of nanny services including maternity nurses, governesses, and nannies. They also have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the domestic staff market and can provide a range of concierge services as well as personal assistants, house managers, housekeepers, domestic couples, jet crew and much more. We recruit only the very best candidates and carefully match our clients’ requirements against the skills of our staff to ensure we get the right match.

Q: Tell us more about your clientele. Where is the demand coming from?

A: We provide nanny and domestic staff services to a range of clients, such as celebrities, the royal families, high profile and high net worth families. We often work closely with one of the parents to ensure we meet their individual needs but we can also work with a family’s personal assistant if that is their wish.

Nanny & Butler provide a full range of services across the world. Our specialist advisors have knowledge of all markets and the cultural challenges faced by families relocating, for both long and short term stays or those who live in those countries looking for staff.

The European market has seen us providing a range of specialist services in both the nanny and domestic staff market. We have seen an increase of service requests from Geneva, Switzerland from families who are looking for a bilingual nanny who speaks French and English.

We also have a number of clients in the Middle East, who are recruiting staff for their households including house managers, chefs, nannies, and Governess’. There is a big demand for British Governess and families usually require someone with teaching qualifications.

Our high profile Russian clients are looking for two or three nannies per family who can work as part of a nanny rota with their children. These nannies speak English, French or Mandarin. The American market often requires specialist nanny services such as a Bilingual Nanny who speaks English and Spanish.

Nanny & Butler also work with a number of celebrity families. These families usually require nannies who are super flexible, and able to travel extensively.

Q: How does Nanny & Butler cater to the needs of expats?

A: Our skills and experience of operating around the world, means that we understand the difficulties finding the right candidate to meet your needs. Nanny & Butler have a broad range of candidates, who have exceptional knowledge and skills in their specialist area, which we carefully match to our expat clients.

If your family needs a specialist school teacher, we have qualified school teachers including those who have been trained in the Montessori Method. Perhaps, you need a maternity nurse or a nanny; we have a range of maternity solutions available and our staff complete a comprehensive selection exercise and come fully vetted to ensure they meet our clients’ needs. Some of our candidates have specialist skills, such as music, or sports training including swimming skills, which a number of our clients’ require for example a good swimmer because they will be at sea.

We have many bilingual and multilingual candidates as our families often speak more than one language, or they want their child to learn another language.

Q: What is Nanny & Butler doing to address concerns about the quality of candidates?

A: Nanny & Butler has a vigorous recruitment process which candidates undertake before they can become a Nanny & Butler agency worker. This involves formal registration, an interview with one of our consultants, where we review an individual’s experience -  a minimum of two years for junior positions and 10 years for senior positions. We then collect all documentation, including relevant qualifications, First Aid Certificates, background checks and references. Our candidates all have a minimum of three references, we contact each referee personally to confirm the references, and we also provide a verbal reference ourselves.

Once everything is verified and confirmed, we prepare a profile to send to clients. Not all candidates who we interview will have a profile, we filter them to ensure only the best candidates are represented. This means our families can be reassured of the quality of candidates they review and interview will be only the very best available.

Q: Briefly run us through the pricing structure and policy.

A: We require all of our clients to register with Nanny & Butler and agree to our terms and conditions. We work closely with our clients to provide a bespoke service for them to ensure we provide a truly unique service meeting each family’s needs whether they are hiring one candidate or five. Our pricing structure is set around each service provided and discussed in detail with each family as part of the recruitment process.

Q: What advice will you give when it comes to evaluating of staffing agencies and candidates?

A: There are a number of agencies out there, but what sets Nanny & Butler apart from the rest is its unique ability to truly understand its client’s needs. We are able to tailor any number of services for customers to ensure we bring the right candidates into your home. Our clients work in partnership with us and come back time and time again as their circumstances change or their households grow. They value our specialist knowledge and advice along with our bespoke professional service making sure we make the recruitment process a valuable and fruitful experience.

Don’t just take our word for it, call our specialist advisors today and find out how Nanny & Butler can become part of your world.


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