Last updated 23 August 2016

Interview with Paul Donohoe – Managing Director at Tax Rebate Services



Tax Rebate Services (TRS) was founded in 2002, in response to the demand from taxpayers who need to claim a tax rebate. In recent years, they have developed as an online business with enormous benefits for visitors from around the globe looking to claim back the tax they are legitimately owed; resulting in the business becoming a leading UK tax rebate service.

Paul Donohoe, TRS Managing Director, is driven by two goals: The first, to offer a professional service for a number of individuals nationwide such as UK landlords, expats and employed people who want to claim back overpaid tax, and more. The second, to save UK taxpayers time and money. 

Company: Tax Rebate Services

Category: Tax claim management

Established since: 2002

Geographical coverage: United Kingdom


 To find out if you could be declaring a cash injection when moving abroad, keep reading for all the information you need to make a claim.


Q: What are the tools and services TRS provides for expats?

A: We offer online tax calculators to help work out the value of any tax rebate due. Our service can help with P85 and R43 claims, and reclaim tax for non-resident landlords and on UK pension income. We also offer a fixed fee Self Assessment tax return service for anyone who needs to complete a tax return in the UK.

Q: What sets TRS apart from its competitors?

A: We offer a bespoke service tailored to each individual. Each case is handled by a dedicated expert who will manage each claim until completion. Tax Rebate Services is regulated by the AAT ensuring best practices are met at all times.

Q: What are common, and not-so-common types of tax claims?

A: Common tax claims include a P85 claim for leaving the UK and claiming work related expenses. Not so common tax claims are for tax back on UK pension income and rental income received from the UK.

Q: What is the trickiest situation you have ever tackled for your client?

A: One of the more difficult tax positions we have dealt with was for a Non-Resident landlord living in Australia. Mr. Palmer left the UK over seven years ago and decided to rent his home in the UK. He made the wrong assumption that he didn’t need to complete a tax return in the UK declaring his rental income. This resulted in HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) contacting Mr. Palmer as part of the Let Property Campaign and him having to complete a Self Assessment tax return for each of the last seven tax years. We managed to complete all seven tax returns and secured a tax rebate for the latest four tax years because Mr. Palmer had been paying tax on his rental income in the UK.

Q: What are the challenges and risks that may arise when handling tax matters by ourselves?

A: The risk is getting something wrong and either overpaying or underpaying tax. If you complete your own tax return and HMRC investigate it at a later date, they can request all of the tax that has been repaid and impose penalties. On the flip side, you might overpay tax if you get it wrong meaning you could lose out on hundreds sometimes thousands of pounds.

Q: What are some tax regulations and issues to take note of particularly in the United Kingdom?

A: Some of the important regulations in the UK that often affect expats include Non-Residency legislation, tax relief available for UK landlords and capital gains tax. HMRC often make changes which could have a positive or negative effect on your financial position. Tax is such a broad subject that it’s difficult to keep up to date with everything so it’s best to highlight what’s important to you and make sure you keep up to date.


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