Expat Interviews

P.L. de Vos - Expat in Dalmatia, Croatia

Mr. P.L. de Vos is sharing his experience as an Expatriate in Croatia.

Annie MontgomeryFest - Expat in Brussels, Belgium

Mrs. Annie MontgomeryFest is sharing her experience as an Expatriate in Belgium.

Beverley Sinton - Expat in Leuven, Belgium

Ms Sinton shares her experience of moving with her families and pets from Brussels to The Netherlands and Leuven.

Bryan D. Foat - Expat in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mr D. Foat shares his experience of residing in Buenos Aires as an expatriate since 1998.

Karine Pham - Expat in Sydney, Australia

Ms Pham gives her opinion about the cost of living and quality of life in Sydney.

Jenny Wanninger - Expat in Seoul, South Korea

Ms Wanninger thinks that Seoulbus and KakaoTalk are two completely necessary mobile apps to aid her expat life in Seoul.

Christian Halliwell - Expat in Moscow, Russia

Mr Halliwell is sharing his experience as Expatriate in Moscow.

Kenn Meyfroodt - Expat in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Mr Meyfroodt, an expat residing in Phnom Penh, believes that to understand a culture, one should be living it.

Edmond Atemnkeng - Expat in Cheongju, South Korea

Having stayed in Cheongju for 1.5 years, Mr Atemnkeng feels that the healthcare system in Korea is affordable and very organized.

Birant Yurteri - Expat in Sihanoukville (Kompong Som), Cambodia

Mr Yurteri picks VoIP app, SIPNET as mobile apps which aid his expat life in Sihanoukville (Kompong Som)