Expat Interviews

Laura Warburton - Expat in Hesperange, Luxembourg

Ms Warburton believes that Hesperange is the type of city where most people are open to meeting new people.

Kent DeRusha - Expat in Doha, Qatar

Mr DeRusha is sharing his experience as Expatriate in Doha.

Salvatore Musina - Expat in Berlin, Germany

Mr Musina thinks that life in Berlin is much more relaxed than in other European capitals.

Lisa Sadleir - Expat in Málaga, Spain

Ms Sadleir shares her experience of moving to Málaga with her husband and two children.

Gareth Lycett - Expat in Seoul, South Korea

Mr Lycett feels that there are a large amount of expats in Seoul so it was relatively easy for his family and him to acclimate to the new surroundings.

Kosha Engler - Expat in London, The United Kingdom

Ms Engler feels that the cost of living in London is much more than that in Cockeysville, Maryland.

Colin Friedman - Expat in Beijing, China

Mr Friedman, an expat in Beijing, advises new expats get rid of the concept that everything in the home culture is better.

Abeesh Thomas - Expat in Bishan, Singapore

Mr Thomas shares his experience as Expatriate in Singapore

Mohamed Ahmed El Desouky - Expat in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Mr El Desouky finds the cost of living in Jeddah is at least 300% more than that in Egypt.

Felipe Zambrano - Expat in Abu Dhabi

Mr Zambrano shares his experience of moving to Abu Dhabi with his family.