Expat Interviews

Rawaa Al Abdulla - Expat in Dubai

Mr Al Abdulla thinks that the relocation process to Dubai was quite easy.

Mir M. Sadat - Expat in Tainan City, Taiwan

Mr Sadat feels that the cost of living in Taiwan is low.

David Lambert - Expat in Hong Kong

Mr Lambert is sharing his experience as Expatriate in Hong Kong.

Dana Blouin - Expat in Thailand

Mr Blouin shares hIS experience of moving to Thailand.

Deirdre Appel - Expat in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Mr Appel believes that the best piece of advice for new expats is to go into any new situation with no expecations

Sandy Allain - Expat in Madrid, Spain

Mr. Sandy Allain is sharing his experience as a French Expatriate in Spain.

Marius Krooshof - Expat in Moscow, Russia

1. Mr. Krooshof is sharing his experience as Expatriate in Russia.

Giles Henman - Expat in Shanghai, China

Having stayed in Shanghai for 1.5 years, Mr. Henman feels that the healthcare system in China is affordable and very organized.

Steve Burns - Expat in Makati, The Philippines

Mr. Burns shares his experience of moving from England to Philippines.

Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar - Expat in Doha, Qatar

Ms Rajakumar is sharing his experience as Expatriate in Doha.