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Why Sodas Should Not Be Given To Teens

Although soda drinks are very popular, especially among children and teenagers, studies show that they can seriously affect one's health, particularly young girls' health.

Sapient is Growing its Team in India to 10,000 This Year

Sapient has just opened a huge office in Bengaluru and is recruiting 1,500 new employees. Read more.

Workout That Can Ease Neck and Shoulder Pains

Shoulder and neck pains are two of the most frequent destructions that office workers complain every single day.

Why Expats Should Have a Turing Phone

Technology is always changing the communication landscape for all of us. For the longest time, we have been dominated by mobile phone brands that release new features here and there. But, nothing compares to Turing Phone.

It's Coyote Kind of Night for Expat Women at GOD

The bar experience is a comprehensive one even though some think it is just all about partying all night. However, in Bangkok, they made sure you have almost everything you want in a bar.

Singapore Company Emas AMC Lands Major Subsea Contracts in the Middle East and Asia

Ezra Group’s Emas AMC based in Singapore finalizes its major contracts in the Middle East and Asia for subsea projects such as clearing existing equipment and construction. Read more about this major deal

John Lewis aims to hire 500 new IT workers in 2016

John Lewis aims to hire 500 new IT workers in 2016

MSD Pharma to Create 600 Jobs in Ireland

Pharmaceutical giant, MSD is expected to create over 600 jobs in Ireland for their major manufacturing factories.