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Lyon, the thirst largest city in France, is known for its cuisine and its scenic beauty, which usually also means that it has a relatively high cost of living compared to other more rural cities in France. The public health and social service in this city are very efficient and easy to access, however, most expats in the city still prefer to get private insurance plans to gain complete coverage for their stay. 

Lyon can be a very expensive city, and while public health and social services are efficient, they cannot cover you for some of the mandatory insurance plans that the country requires you to have when you live in this city. Aside from the mandatory need for insurance, you must also understand that insurance is important for the fact that it can save you a lot of money and hassle in times when you need it the most. It safeguards the most important things in your life and prevents you from losing more than just a few bucks per month. Insurance services also extend more than just when you have emergencies. You can also save money on basic services which are usually included in plans such as roadside assistance service, investment schemes, or dental care. 

Getting Private Insurance 

Health insurance is required before you enter France. Whether you are a citizen, expat resident, student, or even a tourist, you are required to have health insurance before you can enter the country. Aside from health insurance, they also require insurance plans for almost everything you have. Thankfully, the insurance industry in the country and the city is quite extensive, and there are several options for you to choose from when it comes to the fulfilment of these insurance requirements. Among the favourites in the local and expat community in Lyon are Europ Assistance and AXA, two of the biggest world renowned French insurance companies. 

Local Insurance  

As one of the major cities in France, Lyon offers quite a large variety of insurance companies and products for you to choose from in the private sector. The mandatory insurance that you need to keep in mind in the city is property insurance (you need this whether your accommodation is rented or owned), vehicle insurance, child insurance, third-party liability insurance, and health insurance. These products can be purchased with local, regional, or international coverage if you negotiate the type of coverage you need from the company you’re signing with.


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