Living in France



Nestled in the vast mountains and the Mediterranean shores, France houses the most famous world of fashion in the charming streets of Paris. It has the most intricate of all forms of arts with the elaborate of all buildings, monuments and landscapes. 

Generally speaking, living in France is an experience of a lifetime since it ranks 18th of the top countries with the highest quality of life. Though it has a total population of around 65 million people, expats relocating to France will not run out of places to search for some ‘quiet time’ since most of its large areas are still sparsely populated. The French are known for being very proud of their heritage most especially if it concerns culture and arts whereas the local women are popular around the world for their sense of style. This nation has always been capable of bringing unparalleled ‘joie de vivre’ to its residents and below is a short guide that’ll help pave the way of expats that are bound to France. 


This country is neighbours with Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Luxembourg that’s why expats who will live in the borders will often hear some people who speak Spanish, German as well as Italian. French is the official language in France and is widely spoken by a majority of its residents. There are also a huge number of locals who can speak English, particularly in major cities such as Paris where most international businesses are located. Though a foreign national can get by living in France by using the universal language, it is still best to learn some basic French words and phrases especially if he/she is going stay in the country for a few years. 

Food and Dining 

For the French, their local cuisine is a huge part of their culture, and they are quite serious when it comes to food. Some of the staples are baguettes and croissants that are now being served in pastry shops all over the world. Wine is also a significant part of the French cuisines whereas huge portions of its countryside are being used as vineyards. 

Aside from the top-rated French restaurants that are Michelin Star worthy, expats must also try the local markets across the country. The largest and most traditional outdoor markets in France known as foires (fares) are mostly found in the provinces, but most major cities nowadays have its marché couvert (covered market) where stalls sell fresh fruits and vegetables. There are also butchers, bakers, and delicatessens that shelf some of the best authentic French foods. 

Exciting Activities 

France is a haven for those who hate idle time and boredom. Expats who are about to live here will soon realise that the weekend is not enough to explore all the world renowned attractions it holds. Aside from the iconic Eiffel Tower and top museums as well as art galleries in Paris, there is also the Grenoble, a beautiful city situated in the Rhône-Alpes region in south-eastern France. Grenoble is the perfect place for those who want to do winter sports and experience the famous spherical cable cars called ‘Les Bulles’. 

The love for outdoor activities is also commonly shared by the French. Those who want to adapt to the local culture of drinking some wine and eating cheese while enjoying the pleasant weather can try some of the top outdoor activities that are not just enjoyable but are also capable of burning calories. Expats should try rollerblading in Paris or cycling and mountain biking since France has over 60,000 kilometres of véloroutes or cycling paths.


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