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France is a magical country for most foreigners, but entering it requires a few practical considerations.

The process in relocating to France begins with the submission of various documents, the most pertinent of which include the shipper's passport and residence or work permit, a certificate of change of residence issued by the French consulate, proof of residence in France such as utility bills, letter of professional transfer from employer and an inventory of each carton to be shipped valued in Euro. 

There are restrictions in quantities of certain items that may be shipped duty-free and there are items which are totally banned for shipment, such as drugs, guns, animal skin, pornographic materials, live plants, and solvents. An expat may ship an automobile, but only when he has been resident of the country for over a year and has owned the car for at least half a year before shipment. The car may only be disposed of two years after shipment. 

Expats who plan to bring electronic items may as well bring an adaptor which is rather hard to find in France. Thick-soled but comfortable shoes are also a must to save one from blistered feet while walking on cobblestones and other hard surfaces. And it's wise to invest on a high-quality umbrella which won't be flipped inside out, especially in Paris which is known for its strong winds.  

Expats shipping their belongings to France will find it an easy task provided they are aware of what to bring or ship along with the duties, taxes and customs regulations to be observed.

Make sure you consult closely with your international shipper to be sure all things are in order before the date of departure, there is nothing worse than having your shipment arrive and not be able to take it due to forgetfulness.



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