Pet Import Regulations in France



When people move to another country, they often find it hard to forget about their pets. Fortunately, bringing your pets along shouldn't pose much of a problem in France.

Relocating Pets to France  

In France, there are unique rules for pet relocation and there are general regulations as well to abide by. Before an animal can enter the country, it must have a microchip identification (standard ISO 11784/11785) or a tattoo with the owner showing a valid certificate proving rabies vaccination shots have been given no earlier than 30 days before the move. Another document required will be a health certificate issued by an authorizing agency in the country of origin certifying that the animal was free of illness upon examination conducted not earlier than 10 days before the move.  

Up to 5 animals per family are allowed when entering France and when bringing cats or dogs, the animals must be at least three years old at the time of relocation. Certain dogs such as the Staffordshire terrier, American Staffordshire and the Mastiff or Tosa are also not allowed to enter without a pedigree. Other animals such as birds, snakes and even rodents may be imported into France, but will still need to come with a veterinarian's certificate from home. 

Because pets are like family, they need to come with their masters wherever they go. But just like any member of the family, animals need the right documentations and preparations to get to France.



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