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Jam to the Music Festival Season in Paris

Music festivals are special events that almost every nation have. In Paris, another music session is coming on its way in the form of the Music Festival Season. Are you ready to join in the beat and listen to your heart's content in this festive occasion?

Join the Gastronomic Hunt in Paris' City Wide Gourmet

Three friends in Paris got an incredible idea that has revolutionized the culinary scene of Paris in last couple of years, and it will be an absolute hit once again.

Paris Goes Hip Hop in the 2015 Hip Hop Festival

Whether your favorite genre is not Hip Hop, you can only shake your body in the mood on Paris' Hip Hop Festival. The hype you can get from this event is not little when the line-up of artists and activities gets under the spotlight.

Have Fun in the Paris Summer District Festival

When you check the line-up of the best festivals in Paris, there are just so many of them that you can't have enough of the fun. From the music fest to cultural ones, almost everything has to be celebrated, and that’s why it is fun in Paris!

Celebrate Summer Solstice with Fete de la Musique

It’s not easy to decide on the right holiday getaway. In Paris, a summer solstice event on the 21st of June, La Fete de la Musique will be showcasing countless music talents for free. Here are some details for you to ponder on.

Rummage in French Touche While in Paris

Design and trends in Paris always blend whenever the season for art and talent is coming close. This Paris Design Week 2015 seems to be focusing more on the idea of showcasing cooler styles.