Health Insurance in Germany

You will find only 5 incidences of tuberculosis per 100,000 residents in Germany, an incredibly low number owing to the high quality and availability of health insurance in Germany and health care facilities. Although you must still take steps to protect your health, the state of German health care doesn’t leave much to be desired.

Cigna Global is a respected and recognized flagbearer in the field of international health insurance, and this is thanks to the high standard of service it provides its clients. Cigna understands the unique needs of expats in Germany and other countries. This allows them to formulate the most comprehensive and extensive coverage choices, backed by an impeccable support system and access to over a million medical facilities worldwide. All these in reasonable rates sure to make the expats happy and secure.

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Aetna International Health Insurance provides benefits perfect for anyone living abroad, whether you’d be relocating with your family, or on your own. Consult an Aetna expert now to plan your stay abroad and learn more about their services such as:

- Annual maximum coverage to $2 million

- International Style Coverage

- Additional excess and coinsurance add-ons

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AXA PPP International Healthcare offers a set of insurance plans that will certainly meet the needs and budget of expats in Germany and in other parts of the world. All plans come with standard coverage including hospitalization, surgery, cancer treatment, emergency services, and may be customized to add additional benefits.

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