Cost of Living in Honduras



Honduras is a country for artists and dreamers. It is a place where the breeze lifts fresh ocean air and lets you breathe it through your windows.

But this is a nation that attracts the pragmatists as well. Here, one can indulge in dreams even on a limited budget. Not only is Honduras a beauty to behold. Its real estate market is also promising as well as its affordable lifestyle. In fact, the cost of living in the country is about 50-75% lower than their Central American neighbors and is considered to be one of the most reasonable in the world.

For expats, one can expect cheap transport and housing as well as a wealth of sights and sounds.

The Bay Island of Roatan, although known for more expensive property prices, still makes possible such extraordinary buys like a price of under $25,000 for four different building lots. In Trujillo, located on the mainland along the Caribbean coast, one can buy similar property for much less.

A law was enacted to encourage foreign investment in real estate. The decree made it possible for an expatriate to purchase some property as an individual - that is, land of up to three-quarters of an acre. (A husband and wife together can own an acre and a half). The mainland coast of the country is still the most marketable with its spectacular views and cheap rates.

Expatriates who are looking for a little comfort and convenience can easily find nice accommodation at very low prices. Those who have just arrived can take a pick out of the many hotels in Honduras, which generally cost about $25 to $50 per night. Meals are also quite cheap. In lodging houses outside the cities, rates can even be less expensive.

Expatriates who are temporarily looking for houses or apartments to rent will expect basic housing. In some major cities, one may be able to live in an apartment or home with modern conveniences. These are homes that are built to spruce up tourism in the country. Typically, a couple can live comfortably on around $700.00 per month, but only if they own their home.

Day to day cost of food in Honduras is extremely reasonable with a typical dinner costing only some 40.00 Lempira (about $2.00). Most of the supermarkets sell imported items and brand products which can be quite pricey. Products of this kind are much more expensive than the locally produced products because of the import taxes and the transportation cost.

Couples who are consuming only locally grown fresh products can easily stock their shelves for under $150.00 per month. Couples can make a trip to open air markets for supplies instead of buying in large grocery stores, as they can easily buy everything they need in one of these markets for a cost of $6.00 - $10.00 a week.

Transportation in Honduras is far from costly, whatever mode you take - land, sea or air. For most of the mainland, buses are the cheapest and most convenient form of transportation. The Honduran bus system is extensive and inexpensive with a network of traffic running through the main cities and going from town to town.

Honduras is fairly a nice place to reside in and any expatriate will be quick to realize that. Where cost of living is cheap, everything else is probably high, including quality of life.



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