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Relocating to Honduras entails overseas shipping of the expat's possessions to his new country of residence. The process will require the submission of a few documents, including the shipper's passport, an import permit, an inventory in Spanish of all items in shipment and an airway bill. The shipper also needs to prove his relocation to Honduras by presenting his Residence Visa, Work Permit and Certificates of Employment and Residence Change.

Duties and some restrictions apply to plants, which require a Quarantine Certificate, tobacco products, and items considered new. Non-taxable and non-dutiable items include one bottle of hard liquor and one carton of cigarettes. Honduran shipment regulations strictly prohibit the entry of any pornographic material, weapons, illegal drugs and alcoholic products.

Those who wish to bring their car, truck or any other vehicle to the country will have to submit during shipment the owner's passport and proof of ownership such as original purchase invoice, document of ownership and original title. Movers in Honduras can estimate or even give exact figures of possible duties that will be paid for the vehicle to be transported, but generally, the rates will depend on current market values.

Removals to Honduras are best handled by professional removal companies that can give expert advice on making the shipment process as smooth and hassle-free as possible.



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