Living in Hong Kong

In a typical Hong Kong workplace, it is common to find people working 50 hours a week even though only 40 may be required. This is due to the very high sense of industriousness among locals.


A densely populated city with an effervescent past, Hong Kong plays a vital role in the financial world in a rather global way. An extravagantly destined place for food, fashion, lifestyle and shopping centres, this city caters to a wide variety of tourists and migrants.


Hong Kong is one of the major cities in the world that gives a foremost contribution to the fashion industry among many other kinds of commerce. It sure would be a status symbol to be making a living in this great metropolis.


Expats who hold key positions in companies may also feel obliged to work longer hours than usual to match the normally attractive remuneration packages offered to them by local employers or foreign companies stationed in Hong Kong.  


Office communication is largely in English, but from employee to employee, Cantonese is still the norm.  There are a few cultural issues that expats are expected to observe, such as the handing of business cards which should always be done with both hands, and always letting the boss pay for dinner.  Cordiality and being able to maintain good relationships with colleagues are important, as is punctuality. 


Expats who want to land a white-collar job in Hong Kong need to practice a great sense of professionalism and must come with a substantial work experience and expert knowledge to make a cut amidst the severe competition.  Primary industries recruiting include finance, telecommunications, IT, accountancy, human resources, legal, logistics and engineering.


The excellent working conditions in Hong Kong are some of the country's best attractions that many expats have not been able to resist.  This fact cannot be more evident with the undeniable rapid growth of its expat community even today.

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