Global Mobility Articles

Top 2017 Talent Magnets: Switzerland, Singapore & UK

Mobility and flexibility are among other top advice for companies to stay competitive amid changing times. ExpatFinder compares 2016's results with this year's in this follow-up report. Learn more.

Bridging the Divide

With high mobility in the workforce, employers get fewer opportunities to see their staff face-to-face. Does technology alone truly suffice to maintain the same level and quality of engagement in the company? Read on.

Making the Case for a Centralised Global Mobility Function

As talent becomes more mobile, there is a growing need in global companies for not only a centralised global mobility function, but one that is a relevant to the organisation’s growth strategy. Read more.

Cascading Strategy Change Across Borders

Changing your corporate strategy? Here’s why you need to rethink the way you cascade to your global workforce. Read more.

Support for Dual-career Couples can Ease Women’s Concerns on Mobility

Research shows that the possible loss of income from husband is deterring women from accepting leadership positions involving relocation. Read on about the measures taken by top corporations to tackle this issue.