Interviews with HR & Global Mobility Leaders

Mrs. Fabiana Neves, Senior HR Manager at Kimberly-Clark

Get an inside look from Mrs. Neves on how Kimberly-Clark manages some 400 of its international assignees in this Q&A with ExpatFinder.

Peggy Smith – President & CEO at Worldwide ERC

Learn how the Worldwide ERC Foundation contributes to the mobility profession in a myriad of ways – from research to providing certifications and networking opportunities.

Mrs. Linnea Quai Hoi - HR Global Mobility Program Manager at FireEye

With the rise of millennials, the challenges in global mobility and needs of assignees are no longer the same. Mrs. Linnea Quai Hoi shares her personal take on recent trends and cost-saving global mobility strategies in an interview.

Mr. John Lackey - Director of Global Mobility at Jabil

Working his way up from an expat specialist to regional and global senior management roles, Mr. John Lackey has a wealth of mobility and HR experience under his belt. In an exclusive interview, he described his work life and gave advice to others in the industry.

Lori Aprahamian – Head of Global Mobility at Principal Financial

Lori explained to Expatfinder what she does in a day’s work during an interview. Read on to find out her thoughts on the keys to success for expats and global executives.