Living in Indonesia



As a developing country, Indonesia has quite a wealth of jobs for those who want to be part of its growth while learning its rich culture.

An archipelagic country that is, Indonesia is a country that is diversified as its heritage can be. The versatility of the people is the asset that draws tourists to come and settle in this heaven-blessed country that just has a limitless wonder yet to be discovered and explored.

Actively recruiting these days are various industries topped by engineering, computers and telecommunications, marketing and sales and management. But because of cultural differences, an expat will have to familiarize himself with local customs in order to build a more harmonious relationships in the workplace. 

Living in Indonesia and getting to know the Indonesian work environment may begin with learning the habit of handshaking or salaman, which locals find important when establishing working relationships. During first-time meetings, business cards are normally exchanged with a handshake and a greeting. But it is expected that one side of the card will have information written in Bahasa which is their national language. For Indonesians, this custom is not only about business; it is viewed as a sign of respect for a foreigner living in their land.   

Smiling is also considered an ice-breaker between a superior and a subordinate and even among casual acquaintances in an office building. When holding a top position, motivating one's staff may involve practicing ideal working habits as locals tend to copy a superior's attitude. A boss or co-worker who treats people like family will likely generate a higher level of productivity from everyone.   

While Indonesians are warm and submissive people, they will not tolerate reckless questions or statements regarding their religion. They are also offended when touched or patted on the head which they consider to be sacred. And while they do not expect expats to adopt their culture, they are impressed with those who show interest and, most of all, respect.


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