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Moving to Indonesia, the world's largest archipelago state is going to be a colorful adventure but there are things a foreigner may need to make for a smooth transition. A passport and other permits are given, but there are a few other considerations.

Because Asians are typically small in physique, it is wise to enter Indonesia with a stock of clothes from home. It may take a while to find one's way into shops where larger sizes are available. Thick coats and jackets are also unneeded as Indonesia has a tropical weather.

There will be many pharmacies in the country but one may find a shortage of highly specialized drugs. Thus, those taking maintenance medicines are advised to bring stocks from home. Dishwashers are unnecessary as house servants may do dishes and other household chores for a meager fee. Heavy-duty vacuum cleaners may also serve no purpose as most homes have tile flooring.

Overseas Shipping 

If shipments are necessary, Indonesian law requires the shipper to present an original passport, an original residence permit (KITAS Card) issued by the immigration office and valid for 12 months, an original work permit  (IMTA) issued by the Labor department, also valid for 12 months and an authorization letter from the shipper. Customs law allows for one air and one sea household goods shipment duty-free as long as shipment arrives no later than three months after the shipper's arrival in Indonesia. Beyond this period, dutiable goods may include audio and cassette recorders, antiques and food.

In general, expats are advised to avoid large shipments as these can delay the clearance process and result in higher costs. After all, almost everything one needs will be in Indonesia and it just may take a while for the new expat to find everything.



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