Allergies in Ireland



Enjoying the sights and sounds of Ireland is something you definitely want to spend your time on when you move to the Emerald Isle. But you'd have to be ready for the mostly rainy Irish weather, and the allergies that go with the climate.

And being ready should also include knowing the coverage of your private health insurance while in Ireland.

Most of the allergies you might encounter are related to the country's weather. If you start feeling a bit under the weather, and your nose seems to be a little stuffy, then those are classic signs of allergic rhinitis.

Easily affected by this kind of allergy are children. This is difficult, especially for those who already have asthma or other breathing problems. In Ireland, about 30% of kids suffer the burden of having both asthma and rhinitis.

Both children and adults who go through this difficulty suffer the loss of school days and work days respectively, with 73% of those affected attesting that they experience limitation on their activities because of this.

If you feel you are more susceptible to this kind of illness, make sure to bring a good stock of your medicines, or secure a prescription from your doctor.

Another common issue in Ireland that you may want to be ready for are food allergies. You would be glad to know that the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) has established a free email and SMS text service which will provide you with food allergen alerts and information.

Manufacturers of food in Ireland are legally obligated to declare the presence of any food allergens that may be included in their ingredients.

Those who have sensitivities to food may want to sign up or get subscribed to the FSAI's information system to ensure that you will not suffer any inconvenience from getting an allergy attack while enjoying your favorite Irish meal.

You may also want to ensure that in case you should need medications, that it is also part of your international health insurance in Ireland.