Single Trip Travel Insurance in Ireland

100,000 new migrants made a home in Ireland within the last year, a good and steady number making the country neither too crowded nor too empty. If you plan to visit the rolling hills, prepare yourself with travel insurance single trip in Ireland and you will know you will be well taken care of with great health facilities.


On top of your medical benefits, the well constructed policy comes with a carefully reviewed coverage on medical repatriation and evacuation. It also allows you to make use of your deductibles and plan maximums. Our commitment of time tested service here in Ireland imparts an experience of ease that has gained the trust of all. Insurance can be received from a minimum of five days up to two years.

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In Ireland, MultiNational Underwriters delivers top-of-the-line international insurance coverage for individuals, groups, and businesses. The company is known for many popular and notable policies, including Citizen Secure, the International Citizens series, Student Secure and the Atlas Travel Series, amongst plenty others. No need to stall; get that protection now!

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