QROPS in Israel

British nationals who are planning to retire in Israel or are currently living in the country can transfer their UK pension through QROPS Israel. By doing this, it helps maximize pension tax relief. Using their offshore status, UK expats in Israel can transfer their pension offshore to a secure place that will allow them to avoid paying UK taxes on their pension. Expats handling their QROPS will need to be on high alert, as many foreigners are being affected by the dangerous demonstrations in the country at the moment.

Expats in Israel with UK-registered pensions turn to Windsor Pensions for the retirement fund needs. Windsor helps expats transfer their pensions to Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS). QROPS are designed for anyone not intending to retire in the UK. Windsor offers numerous EU-based QROPS that allow expats to better control their retirement funds.

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Gower Pensions Management Limited offers a wide range of retirement and pension solutions including the Horizon Range Pension Plans (HIPP) for expatriates in Israel and worldwide. Maximize your retirement and choose from a number of Horizon International Pension plans. Each plans are definitely flexible and structured with investment approaches for every client.

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Gerrards International does not set up restrictions on the amount that the expat clients wishes to transfer into their QROPS. Expatriate clients from Israel and around the globe may seek assistance from them for QROPS solutions and all other services such as investment planning, wealth management, financial and retirement planning.

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