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School search in Italy may be difficult sometimes because only few schools propose international classes. Indeed, most of the time the teaching is only in Italian, which can be difficult for young expatriate children. Plus, it can also be difficult for the expatriate parents to choose the right school among the massive offer.Since the syllabus can change depending on your country, they risk being held up or not fully comprehending what the current curriculum states. School search may take a lot of time when you don't know where to begin, let us lead you to the right starting point. Make use of the school search ability to assist in finding the best fit school for your children with special focus on theatre arts. Expatriate kids often have much more to handle with during their schooling than non-expat kids.

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Marymount International School Rome

Via di Villa Lauchli 180, 19100 Rome Italy

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International School of Bologna Bologna

Via Massimo D'Azeglio, 55, 40123 Bologna (BO), Italy

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International School of Como (ISCOMO) Como

via per CerNobbio 19, 22100, Como (CO), Italy

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The International School Florence Florence

via del Carota 23/25 50012 BagNo a Ripoli, Florence Italy

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American School of Milan (ASMILA) Milan

20090 Noverasco di Opera, Milan, Italy

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International School of Milan (ISMILA) Milan

International School of Europe s.r.l., via Pogliaghi 1, 20146, Milan, Italy

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