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Rome, along with Milan is the two most expensive cities in Italy. Lifestyle here doesn’t come cheap mainly because of its growing number of expat population and popularity.

Housing is a primary need of any expat relocating to Rome. It is also considered as one of the costliest expense of every Italian and foreigner in the city. There are also several necessities such as food, leisure time and transportation. Learn how to successfully budget by knowing some of the average cost of the basic needs in Rome.


As with other famous expat destination, the price of accommodation rises the more it becomes closer to the metropolitan. There are several types of housing in Rome such as apartments (in blocks or buildings), detached homes, shared rooms and villas. The average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the city centre starts at €950 while a three bedroom unit starts at €1900. Foreign assignees can also find accommodations in the outskirts where a one bedroom flat is roughly €700 per month, and a three bedroom unit is around €1200 monthly.

The cost of utilities is seldom included in the rental cost so expats need to budget separately for this. In Rome, the average monthly cost of water, electricity and garbage disposal while other essential services such as the internet is roughly €30 per month. The mobile rate in the city is billed at 0.20€ per minute for local prepaid calls.


Getting around Rome is ‘expat-friendly’ with the help of the metro system that connects the city centre to several suburban train stations. There are also buses but are considered as a least popular and rare mode of public transportation. A one-way ticket on the metro or train usually costs €2. Those who prefer to drive should expect a gasoline price of around €1.50 to €2 per litre. Riding a cab is also an option where the flag down rate starts at €4 and additional kilometres are charged 1.50 per km.

Food and Dining

The cost of groceries takes about 42% of the total monthly expense of an individual in Rome. Expats can buy from supermarkets like CONAD which has many branches across the city or from the local markets. The price of milk (per litre) is €2 while a loaf of fresh white bread (500g) is €1.50. Fresh fruits like apple, banana, orange as well as onions, potato and tomato cost around €2 per kilo.

Rome has an array of international and local restaurants that range from affordable to expensive fine dining. Italian restaurants are the trend and most visited in the city since they are serving authentic local dishes. One of the most famous in Rome is Primo Al Pigneto and Pan e Salame. The average cost of a single person meal in an inexpensive restaurant costs €15 to €20 while a full three-course meal for two people costs around €50.

Beer and Nightlife

Nightlife in Rome doesn't usually start until the wee hours after 10 in the evening. There are many pubs, bars and local clubs in the city centre, but the best ones are in Piazza Navona and Via della Pace. Those who are looking for a louder crowd can go to Campo de Fiori while expats who want a more laid-back vibe can visit the area of San Lorenzo. There is also the famous bar strip in Ostiense/Testaccio where people can enjoy house music and good food while drinking the night away. A litre of draught beer in Rome costs about €5 while a bottle of imported beer costs around €3.50 to €4.


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