Getting Insurance in Rome



Many expats think that their income is enough to cover an emergency situation, which is true only up to a certain extent. Keep in mind that getting caught up unprepared, especially in a foreign land, can be extremely expensive. Aside from the basic needs such as home, work and food, insurance is also one of the most significant things that an expat must have when moving to Rome.

Contrary to what most people think, getting insurance is not a lengthy and rigorous process. The only part which will require some time is when it comes to deciding which company to choose. Expats must ensure that the insurer or broker that they're dealing with is accredited by the Instituto Per La Vigilanza Sulle Assicurazioni (Institute for Supervision of Insurance or IVASS), an independent Italian authority that supervises and regulates the operation of all legal insurance companies in Rome and across the country.

Health Insurance

Before calling a private insurer in Rome, an expat must contact first the HR office of their company to ask if they have the basic medical coverage as part of their relocation package. Most employers are providing this type of benefit but seldom cover the worker’s dependents. It is also advisable to call the insurance company from the expatriate’s home to ask if they will cover them in Rome since some plans, such as international policies are still effective even abroad.

There are many local insurers in Rome, but for an expat, the best step is to get a plan from an international company such as Bupa Global and Cigna Europe. These multinational companies offer medical evacuation and coverage even if the plan holder is no longer in Rome.  

Home Insurance

Aside from health insurance, it is also important to protect an expatriate's home regardless if they own or renting it. Aside from securing the property, home insurance companies in Rome also insures the contents or belongings inside it as well as every member of the household. One of the leading home insurers in Rome is Genertel Italia, which offers protection against damages caused by fire, water damage, theft and third party. 

Car Insurance

Foreign assignees in Rome who prefer to drive are required by law to get the mandatory third party liability insurance. This type of plan will cover the damages to property or the third party caused by the insured vehicle. Genertel Italia offers several types of auto insurance policies to expats in Rome. It is important always to bring the Green Card (issued by the company) and the insurance policy at all times since they will serve as evidence that the vehicle has third party coverage.