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Italy is a country that is not only a destination for employment but also for touring and travelling. Even if it is ranked as one of the top 10 tourist destinations in the world, the country is not just for show as it has a very strong economy within the European Union that even topped against other nations.

The idea of working in Italy might sound appealing to many expats, but it is not easy as there are many things that is needed to be learned about the Italian culture, the people and the formalities that is unique to the country. One can work on industries that process iron and steel, cement, chemicals and plastics. Furthermore, Italy is also a stronghold of the production and export of machineries, motor vehicles, space and aircraft. There are many areas that an expat can look upon for opportunities when moving to Italy.

Take note that Italy actually has an employment rate of 65%, but since its modern society has been built up through loans, it has a huge billion of Euro debt with terrifying interest that the government has been having a hard time to pay completely. Being aware of the countries situation is good for an expat that is planning to stay permanently in the country.

But before you really start working in Italy, you must acquire some requirements like the social security number and health insurance. This is easy and a one-time-only affair so you would not find it as a hassle. If you are already working in Italy, then the better it is since having employers can automatically register you for social security. For work visa, EU citizens will have an easy pass; on the other hand, non-EU should prepare before coming to Italy for work because expats still need to apply in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a work visa. Also, the residency permit should be procured within eight days from the day of arrival.

When planning on staying in Italy for work, one should be mindful of not only the nice talks, but also those issues that are apparent about the nation.


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