Serviced Apartments in Italy

Furnished and fully serviced apartments in Italy are cost efficient resolution for travellers or expats coming to Italy during the peak season. It can be a cheaper alternative to hotels and the locations are advantageous when you decide to explore the cities. This page details the largest choice of serviced apartments when looking for Serviced Apartments in Italy. Serviced apartments choice offer a spacious, flexible and cost effective housing solution. For stays of a short period of time or a longer stay an Serviced Apartments in Italy is a good accommodation when traveling or settling in. A search for Serviced Apartments in Italy is often related to the search for flexible and furnished apartments.

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Trastevere Serviced Apartments, Rome

The grandeur of Rome is perfectly preserved, offering fantastic sights for the urban traveler. It has a truly magnificent home in the heart of the city, and sports luxurious facilities and services. With unparalleled convenience, there is no better place, and this serviced apartment is a testament to that wonder.

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From EUR 65.00 per night
Sanzio Serviced Apartments, Rome

Located in the quiet suburbs of Trastevere, this lovely home is only a few minutes away from landmarks such as the Vatican. For a very affordable rate, it offers premium accommodations unmatched in terms of comfort and convenience. Given its features, it is a perfect getaway from the busy city.

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From SGD 130.00 per night
Palazzo Olivia Serviced Apartments, Rome

Palazzo Olivia offers royal-styled luxury apartments that can be fully enjoyed and called a real home. With so many attractions at the doorstep, this serviced apartment truly has most of Rome's unique beauty. Not far from this place, one may enjoy the tons of delectable destinations right around the corner.

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From EUR 100.00 per night
Old Town Serviced Apartments, Rome

Old Town Apartments is the appropriate name for such a lovely home. It fuses classical architecture with modern comfort. Located inside a renovated building, this place is sweet paradise, a perfect getaway from the stress and noise of the urban sprawl. Convenient, luxurious, and dynamic, this is the ideal home.

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From EUR 49.00 per night
Mantellate Serviced Apartments, Rome

The serene and endearing suburbs of Trastevere is home to an endless supply of unique attractions and parties. This sweet serviced apartment affords very easy travel to those locations. Containing beautiful accommodations and services, this serviced apartment pride itself as a friendly haven for travelers from all over the globe.

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From EUR 120.00 per night
Ludovisi Luxury Rooms Serviced Apartments, Rome

Ludovisi Luxury Rooms lives up to its name as one of Rome's best homes. The rooms of this place are well-designed, showing off a distinct classic Roman flavor, and is further enhanced by modern luxuries and amenities. Superb convenience and timeless charm make this the top choice in the city.

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From EUR 60.00 per night
Laterano2 Serviced Apartments, Rome

Bursting with a distinct Roman ambience is the serviced apartments at Termini 1116. All of its rooms are crafted out of a renaissance building and is a harmonious fusion of old, classical style and modern comfort. It is superbly located in a lively district, with lots of attractions to experience.

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From EUR 70.00 per night
Labicano Serviced Apartments, Rome

The historical Labricana area of Rome is known to be home to a wealth of ancient and modern marvels, and Termini 1087 has the perfect home from which they can be enjoyed. All of its lodgings are clean and fresh, complete with fully functional kitchenettes and breathtaking views of the Labricana.

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From EUR 120.00 per night
I Triangoli Hotel Serviced Apartments, Rome

The majestic beauty of Rome can clearly be seen with its towering monuments, lovely churches, and beautiful culture. The best way to enjoy is to live in the heart of the historic city itself. Found here is a lovely serviced apartment with the best accommodations, services and facilities in town.

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From EUR 70.00 per night
Fori Imperiali Serviced Apartments, Rome

Hundreds of fabulous locations in Rome are best enjoyed with the help of this grand serviced apartment, located in Urbana. The district of Urbana is teeming with dynamic life and delicious, cultural tradition. The amenities of the place are perfect, complete with all necessities to create a truly modern home.

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From EUR 50.00 per night
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