Car Insurance in Italy

With 673 vehicles owner per every 1000 residents in Italy, the country has one of the highest vehicle to owner ratios in the world. If you will be one of the many taking to the streets, consider international car insurance in Italy first, as there is always a risk of car damage or an accident when driving abroad.Moving to a new country requires a lot preparation, and most of the time should you consider driving in the country it will require Car Insurance in Italy. There is nothing better than feeling confident about driving down those new streets and highways knowing you are safe. With your Car Insurance in Italy, you know you have an understanding of the protection your insurance provides and can make your stay and your trips safer.

Clements Worldwide is a trusted name in international auto insurance coverage for expatriates in Italy and other parts of the globe. For close to 70 years, Clements has been a pillar when it comes to wide-covering yet pocket-friendly auto coverage, including physical damage (including damage from politically instigated events) and theft.

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