Health and Protection in Tokyo



Public health and social services can be easily accessed for expats in Tokyo, as it is mandatory for all employees to provide healthcare and insurance services for their employees. Aside from the government requirement for insurance, it’s also worth noting that emergency services are very expensive in Tokyo, hence the need for insurance coverage for almost all things that matter to you while you’re living in the city. 

Getting Insurance

The Japanese Health Insurance is accessible for anyone employed in Japan, and it is very accessible for all residents including expats. However, most expats prefer to get international insurance plans for the convenience of access to virtual medical files, claims by apps, and also for the flexibility in coverage. It’s best to negotiate an international private insurance plan to be included in your expat contract before you arrive in Tokyo to make sure that you are fully covered. The best international insurance companies that offer services in Tokyo are Tokio Marine Group and AGCS Japan

Importance of Insurance

Aside from the usual reasons for getting insurance, such as protecting the most important parts of your life by making sure they have proper coverage in cases of emergencies, there are some types of insurance that are of the highest priority in Japan. For example, property insurance is a very important type of insurance products in Tokyo as the city is prone to natural calamities such as earthquakes, typhoons and tsunamis. Even though the crime rate is not very high in the city, these types of natural calamities can endanger your valuables and property, which is why you should seek complete coverage as soon as possible when you move to Tokyo. 

Local Insurance in Tokyo

Local companies such as Tokio Marine and Sony Life are just some of the insurance companies based in Tokyo with a global presence. General insurance is the highest priority in the city, and this is why the insurance industry in Tokyo is quite big. Aside from the major international insurance companies, a few big international Japanese companies can also be a good pick for insurance in the city. Just make sure that you get the type of coverage you want before you sign up for any plan.


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