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When relocating to Kazakhstan, a few documents must be submitted to Kazakh authorities, including a copy of the shipper's passport and visa, a valued inventory in English or Russian, a packing list, and a document proving the shipper is locally employed at the time of shipment.

A few items are not allowed for overseas shipping into Kazakhstan, including all types of weapons, pornographic materials, illegal drugs and antique items. Some liquor may be accepted in certain allowable amounts. The complete lists of items allowed and not allowed for entry could be obtained from movers in Kazakhstan, which offer professional overseas shipping services. Cars for temporary import may be duty and tax-free while permanent imports will be charged.

The shipper is expected to be in Kazakhstan with a valid visa upon arrival of the shipment. Temporary import of personal belongings will be tax and duty-free while permanent import of the same will entail charges. Food, electronics, and some other items may be allowed duty-free but within certain limits. When the shipment includes books, CD's, audio or videotapes, details must be reported separately, including the author or artist, date of release or publication, content, etc.

Removals to Kazakhstan may require certain conditions to be met depending on the item to be shipped. These conditions are best known to removal companies that can offer expert advice to make the import process as smooth as possible. Overseas shipping can be a complicated task but with the professional guidance offered by movers in Kazakhstan, this barely becomes a problem for expats.



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