Self-Employment in Kazakhstan



A business visa is required for foreigners to open a business in Kazakhstan. Registration is subject to different Kazakh laws such as the Joint Stock Company Law, Law on Partnership or any other applicable law. Procedures and requirements are the same throughout Kazakhstan. Opening a branch or a representative office in the country is quite complicated given the different documents that need to be submitted and the subsequent registrations to customs authorities, fire department, and sanitary inspection. A foreigner may also sell goods through a local entity and not go through the usual registration procedures or payment of taxes as these are done by the local company who will act as the agent or distributor.

Focus on manufacturing is more for export goods rather than consumer goods, but lately, new businesses such as car repair, real estate services, legal services, housing construction and improvement, and beauty shops have sprung up to offer more consumer goods and services. The service sector in Kazakhstan is growing, but it is restricted by limited markets and the country's urban population distributed in towns that are quite distant from each other. Tourism is slowly developing with high-quality hotels being constructed in the bigger cities. Oil, gas, and mineral development remain to be the major concentration of investments in Kazakhstan.