Tax Advisory in Latvia

An expat, who has not been considered to be a resident during the year prior to that when taxation is due, is considered to be a resident from the date they entered Latvia during the taxation year. Foreign contractors will need support to work in Latvia as the Work Permit and Taxation Systems for contracting are quite complex

Nationals affected by double taxation policies while living abroad stand to benefit from the recommendations of a taxation specialist. Offering assistance to expats in Latvia, including non-domiciled and non-resident persons, is UK-based personal tax specialist Andrew Baker. The professional has been a trusted name in the industry for almost 40 years today.

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Expatriates going abroad or permanently living in Latvia must make sure that they have knowledge about the tax obligations they have when moving. Tax Advisory Expatriates is always ready to assist you not only in determining your tax status in Latvia but also in knowing the essential tax rules as you relocate.

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