Choosing where to live in Kuala Lumpur



Expats usually rent apartments or houses to live in. Condominiums will be slightly more expensive due to the extra facilities. Homes can be leased furnished or unfurnished.

Many expats like to live near the Central Business District, including areas such as Damansara Heights, Kenny Hills, and the city end of Jalan Ampang. Other popular areas include upmarket suburbs such as Bukit Kiara, Ampang, Bangsar Baru (commonly known as Bangsar) and Taman Tun Dr. Ismail.


City Centre

In the City Centre, you will find the former colonial administrative centre and Kuala Lumpur’s old Chinese business centre which everyone refers to now as Chinatown. While this part of town is a bit charming, it is not the safest part of Kuala Lumpur, so you might want to be on guard while visiting the streets around the city centre. You can find a lot of hostels in this area and many cheap accommodations, but again, safety can be an issue.

Golden Triangle

The golden triangle is probably the most popular and most visited area in Kuala Lumpur. There are several of shopping malls and five-star hotels in this location, and it is also where you can find the famous Petronas Twin Towers. The golden triangle is also known as the central business district of the city. Accommodations in this area are mostly high-rise condos, with a fantastic view of the city.

Tuanku Abdul Rahman / Chow Kit

The Chow Kit and Tuanku Abdul Rahman area are conveniently located just outside the golden triangle. Therefore, it has the advantage of being close to the CBD, without the higher cost of accommodations. There are many popular budget accommodations in this area, and it also where you can find the gigantic Putra World Trade Centre.


You can find many cheap bargains in this area, considered the Little India of Kuala Lumpur, located south of the city centre.


Bangsar is popular as the restaurant and clubbing district in Kuala Lumpur. The fun events and happenings in the city can most likely be found in this side of town.


Damansara is one of the suburban neighbourhoods of Kuala Lumpur. It is not that far from the city and there are some interesting restaurants and bars in this areas as well. This is a good location for expats with families.

Northern suburbs

This huge area to the north of the city is home to several tourist attractions, particularly, the famous Batu Caves. While it is quiet and a bit suburban, the CBD area and the city centre is very accessible in this neighbourhood through the local metro rail transport.