Daily necessities in Kuala Lumpur




You are allowed to drive in Malaysia for a year using a valid international driving license that is issued from your home country. You will be able to apply for a Malaysian driving license once you have obtained your employment visa. For more information, look at the Road Transport Department website.

It is common for people to own or lease a car. Import duties are high if you want to import your own car, so it is more worthwhile to buy or lease a car.


Food in the city also reflects the diverse culture of its residents. You can find almost any type of cuisine here at a very affordable price as the cost of living in Kuala Lumpur is also very cheap.

It is safe to drink tap water in major towns or cities. In rural villages, however, it is recommended to drink boiled or bottled water only.

Domestic help

It is common to have a house worker in Kuala Lumpur. It is better to hire a house worker through a proper recruitment agency to ensure that you’re not hiring an illegal foreign worker. You should also take out an insurance policy for your house worker. Any medical expenses incurred by your house worker have to be borne by you. Very few Malaysian women work as house workers, so you are most likely to hire someone from the Philippines or Indonesia.

Those from the Philippines can speak a reasonable amount of English while those from Indonesia tend not to.