Essential employment paperwork in Kuala Lumpur



You need a sponsor to be able to apply for an employment visa. Your sponsor is usually your employer and the visa is valid for two years.


Employment Visa:

To apply for an employment visa, you have to go to the Immigration Department located in Putrajaya. Authorised agencies are normally used to help in making the application. It takes two months for the visa to be processed. For more information, visit:

Business Visa:

A Business Visit Pass allows foreigners to enter Malaysia for business negotiations or inspections.

However, they are not allowed to be employed in Malaysia.


Corporate Income Tax:

A corporate income tax of 28% is levied on any company that has income derived from Malaysia. However, companies involved in petroleum production are taxed at 38%.

Individual Income Tax:

Salary or income tax is assessed on income earned in the current year. An individual is taxed on their chargeable income at progressive rates from 2% to 30% after the deduction of tax relief.