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Nowadays, many people are becoming more inclined to move towards financial stability, and a huge portion of this population is expats who are working abroad. Once you have decided to relocate and work for your future, you should also include insurance as one of your urgent needs in the checklist. There are many possibilities in Kuala Lumpur and let us guide you on how you can protect yourself and your assets against potential risks abroad.

Getting Insurance

Kuala Lumpur is the country’s centre of finance and serves as the headquarters of major banks and large insurance companies. When choosing a provider of your policy, you have to make sure that it is accredited by the Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM). It is also the same government institution that you can go to in case your insurance company makes any unlawful changes on your plan.

If you are offered a posting to Kuala Lumpur your employer or sponsor should be providing you with a medical cover as part of your benefits package. However, this type of benefit doesn’t always cover the dependents or does not provide a comprehensive cover. There are different questions you need to ask yourself and you can browse through our global insurance guide.

You can choose a suitable medical plan for you or your family as well as insurance products that’ll cover your properties from the international and local companies in the city. AIG or also known as Chartis Insurance is a multinational company that has been providing both life and non-life plans in Malaysia since 1953. You can also consider getting comprehensive insurance products from eTiQa (formerly known as Malaysia National Insurance Berhad), which is a branch of the MayBank Group.

You can start your search by browsing through the websites of these companies. You can also get a free quotation and gather some ideas about their different policies online. Once you have decided to meet up with an agent, take your time in asking even the tiniest detail about your insurance. Your knowledge regarding your coverage will be of so much use especially when it comes to filing a claim.

Importance of Insurance

Many people think that insurance is not worth the amount of investment just to have a peace of mind. It is true that your earnings and savings can cover for any fees caused by accident or emergency situation. But aside from those unwanted situations, there are still countless factors that can harm your finances. Minor expenses, when accumulated, can amount to a huge sum of money that you could have saved by having a policy.

One good example is health insurance. This type of plan is not just for grave illnesses or confinements. Most medical coverages shoulder the fees for basic services that’ll prevent you from acquiring severe sickness and minimise your chances of being prone to diseases. Vaccinations, routine check-ups, diagnostic tests and physical exams are essential in maintaining your health but can be pricey if you don’t have insurance.

Local Insurance in Kuala Lumpur

The presence of the insurance market in Malaysia is at its strongest in Kuala Lumpur where most of the respectable international and local companies are stationed. The Ministry of Finance is the governing agency that acts thru the Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), whose purpose is to ensure that all insurance providers are adhering to the law and not violating any consumers’ rights.

As with any countries or cities, vehicle insurance is also mandatory in Kuala Lumpur. Every driver and automobile owner in the city is required by law to have third party liability in their coverage which will insure the death, injury caused to the third party involved and damage to third party properties. It is best that you get this type of insurance from a local company since your coverage from home may not apply in Kuala Lumpur.

Overall, the city has a thriving insurance industry where expats can take advantage of different types of coverage. An international policy is also a good choice for expats since it can cover locally or depending on your plan, anywhere in the world including in your home country.


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