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Malaysia is a tropical paradise known for having one of the most robust economies in South East Asia by Gross Domestic Product. Aside from having an abundant supply of natural resources, Malaysia is also blessed by having several thriving industries such as tourism and commerce. 

Malaysia houses over 30.8 million people making it the 44th most populous nation in the world. This country has a total land area of 126,850 square miles and is divided by the South China Sea into two land masses: the Western and Eastern Malaysia. Aside from its significant influence as one of the founders of the Association of South East Asian Nations and East Asia Summit, Malaysia is also popular for picturesque beaches, forests and mountain ranges. Its capital Kuala Lumpur is also regarded as a thriving cosmopolitan and serves as the home of the iconic, highly modernised infrastructure known as the Petronas Twin Towers.


Renting a House 

Though there is a balance in the supply and demand in the Malaysian housing market, it will still be best for expats to start their search a few weeks before arrival. One main reason is that prices greatly vary in every area where rentals in the metropolitan are pricier than those in the suburban areas.  Another factor that every expat must be aware of is the cost of utilities in Malaysia which they might find more expensive that what they're used to in their home country and is usually not included in the rental pay. 


Keep in mind that the voltage in most central cities in Malaysia runs at 240v and 220v to 240v in rural areas. Expats must bring three prong plugs like the ones used in the United Kingdom. So make sure to bring a UK adapter instead of an Asian type to avoid electrical hazards. 


Though there is no latest travel health advisory for Malaysia, the Center for Disease Control or CDC still strongly advises expats to see their physicians/doctors at least four to six weeks before flying in. It is the best time to update vaccinations against: 

  • Cholera
  • Rabies
  • Diphtheria
  • Japanese encephalitis

Moving your belongings

All shipments are subject to 100% inspection by the Malaysian customs. It is best to prepare all essential paperwork for shipping to avoid any delay. It is also advisable to get in touch with movers in Malaysia to make the relocation hassle-free.

In Malaysia, household goods are duty-free or tax-free if expats have owned the good for a minimum of three months, and the items will not be disposed of from the date of import for at least six months. One should have a ready Work Permit or a letter from the employer to present to the customs officials. Newly purchased items require receipts, and may be taxable. 

Alcohol and cigarettes are taxed. Bringing plants will need approval from the Ministry of Agriculture and a Phytosanitary certificate. 

Computers, on the other hand, are tax-free but limited to three per family and will require an import license. 

Malaysia has a tropical climate, so do not forget lightweight clothing, pants, blouses and suits. Make sure to bring enough of your wardrobe supply, as sizes can be an issue when shopping in Malaysia. 

It would be best to pack a six-month supply of medicines for those who use prescription medicines to give time in finding the right doctor and medical centre.  

When importing electrical appliances, make sure the item can be converted to 220V, otherwise, bring appropriate transformers. Importation of electrical items requires an import permit.


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