Expat Mortgages in Malaysia

Overseas mortgage in Malaysia is not at all difficult to obtain, considering the government’s welcoming attitude toward foreign real estate buyers. Foreigners are allowed to purchase up to two residential properties, and for a third purchase, permission must be sought from the Foreign Investment Committee in Malaysia.When moving to a new country or when thinking of making an investment overseas, the prospect of buying a home is often explored. Expat Mortgages in Malaysia is often part of the process. All costs of the real estate investment need to be considered if one is to accurately appreciate the suitability of a planned purchase. Explore the different options to find the best overseas mortgage. Find information on Expat Mortgages in Malaysia and contact a mortgage specialist today.

Request a quote from the International Private Finance (IPF) for your property purchases in Malaysia. They will help you decide on whether applying for an overseas mortgage is necessary when buying a property. The IPF is an independent service provider and expert when it comes to assisting expatriates with international mortgages brokerage.

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