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Malta is one of the top choices of expatriates. Due to its average cost of living, the Maltese lifestyle is often very easy to adapt to.

As an EU country, Malta no longer accepts Maltese Lira as the currency was changed to the euro (EUR) in January 2008. Expats need not worry about money exchange matters as banks, ATMs, and exchange bureaus cover the islands. Banks are open every morning from Monday to Saturday, while at the international airport exchange bureaus are open 24 hours a day. Foreign currencies are accepted in many hotels, shops, boutiques, malls and restaurants, but travelers' checks can also be changed in banks and tourist offices. Most hotels, restaurants, shops and boutiques across the country accept credit cards, including Access, Diners Club International, American Express, Carte Blanche, MasterCard, and Visa.

Houses in Malta are usually buildings of two or three floors, painted with vibrant colors, with durable strings to hang wet clothes, flowerpots displayed by windows, and friendly neighborhoods. There are also luxurious condominiums, apartments and penthouses around the city. Unlike other countries, rates of double bedroom apartments are very cheap. Bedrooms for two cost about € 2,887 - 410 per month. Singles can enjoy single-bedroom apartments for only € 1760 – 350.

The price of eating out will always depend on the restaurant and how food is served. Inexpensive cafes cost €10 to €30 while mid-range restaurants will cost anything from €40 to €70. There are also fast food chains that charge at least €7 a meal. Beverages such as domestic beer, imported beer, soft drinks or cola and water all cost between €1-3.

Most expats in Malta prefer public transportation since, given the small size of islands, car ownership in the country is the fourth highest in the whole of Europe. The primary methods of public transport for the primary islands are buses that offer a cheap and frequent service to many parts of Malta and Gozo. A one-way ticket for local transport is € 0.47. However, if you want to travel cheaper, you can buy a monthly card for only €64. As for the taxi, every 5 km traveled within the center will cost you €7.

Despite the extravagant feasts of the country of Malta, the cost of living remains reasonable while the government continues its cause of keeping the country livable for its citizens, expats and even tourists who seek pleasure in their land.



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