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In Malta, healthcare is provided through 100% free medical services, including dental emergencies.

On the other hand, the European Health Insurance or the EHIC insurance card may be used for one to access state-provided healthcare in all European Economic Area countries and Switzerland at a reduced cost or, sometimes, free of charge.

In general, private hospitals in Malta strive to provide top quality medical treatment in a caring environment. Medical professionals are committed to providing personalized, specialized, and accessible care while upholding the best possible standards.

Private insurance companies offer customers the freedom to choose the level of cover that best suits their personal requirements and budget. Expats from non-EU countries usually purchase private insurance policies for themselves and their families as it gives them more freedom to handle their healthcare needs. They also believe private insurance policies are easier to understand and are more accessible, comprehensive, convenient and flexible.

Upon entering Malta, expats are advised to get vaccinations for yellow fever, influenza, tetanus-diphtheria, and measles-mumps-rubella, among others. The Maltese Department of Health also requires expats to undergo a general check-up or to visit their personal physician four to eight weeks before the departure date.

Expats in Malta rarely have a hard time receiving an emergency response. The hotline is 112 and should be dialed not only for health emergencies, but also for any other type of situations that require immediate help or assistance. In this country, anyone can use an ambulance without any questions asked and at virtually no cost.

The language barrier in medical emergencies will not be a problem as there are many English -speaking medical professionals in the different hospitals and medical institutions. And in the case that the health care provider is unable to communicate in English, an interpreter or translator is stationed in hospitals or clinics to help facilitate communication between health caregiver and patient.

In Malta, it doesn't matter whether a patient is a citizen or an expat - access is the same to all medical facilities, in both private and public sectors. There are a great number of private and public hospitals scattered around the country. Medical facilities in Malta are top-rated and offer very reliable performance by virtue of their highly competent and qualified doctors, nurses, midwives, nursing aids, caregivers and dentists who are well trained in their own fields of specialization.

Malta may be a geographically small country compared to the giants in the West, but when it comes to health services, it serves its citizens and expatriate communities well.


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