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A volcanic island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is known for being one of the best countries in Africa. If being homesick is what most expats feel when they move abroad, then you will be surprised not feeling that at all. You will find yourself surrounded by pristine sea shores and incredible mountain ranges. The community is made up of locals who are always smiling; most of them love to gather on the beach while listening to Sega, their native music all night long. Aside from the breath taking scenic views, you are sure to feel an upbeat and happy vibe with Mauritius' year round sun shiny days. Now, let's get you started.


Finding housing abroad is becoming easier nowadays since real estate companies post advertisements online. You can do research even before you arrive in Mauritius to get an idea about the prices in the market. But you get in the country, the best and most convenient way to find a place to live in is to seek help from professional, local realtors. They know the areas very well which would make the search faster.

When moving abroad, always assume that the rental cost doesn’t cover everything specially the utilities. In Mauritius’ major cities, the average monthly cost of your essential services (water, electricity and gas) is €50. A minute of local prepaid mobile call is €0.05 while a month of your internet connection is roughly €50.

House and Apartment Hunting

You will find three common types of housing in the country: Villas, apartment buildings and houses. Some are furnished, and some are not, but you have the flexibility to choose between a short term or long term rental agreement. The cost of living in Mauritius is considered to be budget friendly. You can find a decent one bedroom apartment in Port Louis, the city centre, for €400 and a three bedroom unit for €700. You can also try checking out the town of Curepipe which is known for its busy commercial centres and cool weather. A one bedroom apartment can cost €300, and a three bedroom apartment is around €600 per month.

International and Local Schools

The state of Mauritius provides free education for all residents from pre-school to university. The schools are well funded and pride themselves on having excellent facilities for extracurricular activities like tennis, rugby, cricket and ballet. One of the most prominent local school in the country is the University of Mauritius which was founded in 1965.

You can also enrol your child in one of the many international schools in the country where the educational programme is ideal for expat students. One of the leading international institutions in Mauritius is the Northfields International School in  Labourdonnais village.

Moving Your Belongings

Even if you are a veryorganised person, the pressure of relocating abroad can sometimes take the best of you. To ensure everything will go smoothly, it is better to contact an experienced shipping and removal company. They provide door to door service where they monitor the whole moving process until your belongings arrive in your new home. The average transit time to Mauritius is up to 20 days, depending on your country of origin. Local customs officers will conduct an inspection in Port Louis where the containers are scheduled to arrive. After clearance, the cargos will then be delivered to your address.

If you are going to take your dog or cat with you, make sure that they have proper requirements such as rabies vaccination certificate, import permit, and health Certificate. Also, ask your veterinarian to do a Blood Titer Test to your pet 30 days before import. Documents should be stamped and endorsed by the government from your originating country.

Most people in Mauritius travel by road since there are no railways yet. If you are planning to bring your car to the country, make sure that it is no more than four years old. Here are some of the documents that you have to prepare:

  • Proof of Ownership
  • Original Title
  • Bill of Lading
  • Original Bill of Sale

There are many things that you will find once you get to Mauritius. One of these, and maybe the most important, is a thriving career under its strong economy without missing out on the exciting things in life.



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